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30 Shadow Overlays 02 Window Shadows

30 Shadow Overlays 02 Window Shadows

Shadow Overlays and Textures | Window Shadows

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30 SHADOW OVERLAYS 02 Window Shadows


This set includes 30 shadow overlays, all made from real photos of geometric architectural shadows (windows, blinds, wall openings).

You can use these shadow overlays to add natural light effects to any graphic, mood board, or mockup. Place a shadow overlay on top of your image, set the blending mode and adjust the opacity to get the results you're looking for.

I prefer to set the blending mode of shadow overlays to Linear Burn or Color Burn, with the opacity set to 50%, which I can then increase or decrease to get the desired look. But you can also try other blending modes, such as Multiply or Overlay, and see what works best for you.


Other than applying shadow overlays to graphics, mood boards, and mockups, you can also combine them with other elements provided in this collection to create aesthetic and natural looking abstract backgrounds.

You can apply a shadow overlay only to a background color, solid or gradient.
There are 20 predefined solid colors in this collection for your to start with. But you can easily change them or use your own.

To add texture to your design, you can use either one of the 4 texture backgrounds (3 paper textures and 1 wall texture) or one of the 4 film grain overlays.

Since all the elements are provided as JPG files, you can use them in basically any photo editing software.


  • 30 shadow overlays: 30 JPG files 6000x4000 px @300 dpi
  • 4 film grain overlays: 4 JPG files 6000x4000 px @300 dpi
  • 4 background textures: 4 JPG files 6000x4000 px @300 dpi
  • 20 background colors: 20 JPG files 6000x4000 px @300 dpi
  • 4 preview images: 4 PNG files 3000x2000 px @300 dpi
  • 1 Adobe Photoshop PSD file 3000x2000 px @300 dpi
  • 1 User Manual PDF file

NOT INCLUDED: any other graphics, texts, fonts, or frame mockups used in the preview images. 

The Photoshop PSD file is downscaled to 3000x2000 px only to keep the file size smaller and to make opening and editing of the file faster and easier.

If you wish, you can easily increase the size of the PSD file to up to 6000x4000 px which is the actual size of all the elements used in the PSD file.

The PSD file contains all shadow overlays, film grain overlays and background textures as JPG files.

Background colors are provided as Color Fill layers in the PSD file, but also as JPG files if you want to use them in another photo editing software.

There are 20 predefined colors, but you can easily customize them in the PSD file or add your own.

Preview images are just premade backgrounds, where I combined some of the shadow overlays with background textures and background colors.

The User Manual contains a list of all the elements, as well as the blending mode options and opacity settings I used in each of the examples.


This is a digital product, so no physical item will be shipped to you.

Once your purchase is made, you will be provided with an instant download link containing your files. Find out more in Delivery Policy and Refund Policy.



✅ You may use Shadow Overlays purchased under the Standard License on multiple personal and business Social Media accounts.

🚫 You are not allowed to use the Shadow Overlays purchased under the Standard License in Desktop, Web, and Mobile Apps or offer them as part of your own mockups or templates (free or for sale).

🚫 You are not allowed to sell the Shadow Overlays (modified or "as is") as yours, share or offer them for free.


✅ You may use Shadow Overlays purchased under the Extended License on multiple personal and business Social Media accounts.

✅ You are allowed to use the Shadow Overlays purchased under the Extended License in Desktop, Web, and Mobile Apps or offer them as part of your own mockups or templates (free or for sale).

🚫 You are not allowed to sell the Shadow Overlays (modified or "as is") as yours, share or offer them for free.

    Find out more in Licenses.


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